Episode 6 – Nico Rijelle

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In this episode I sit down with Nico Rijelle, who is a single mother and entrepreneur. Alongside her health coaching business which she has run for over 15 years, she has pursued an all-embracing and adventurous approach to life and business.

She has worked with the non-profit, Love Never Fails World Charity, which is dedicated to saving victims of human trafficking, authored two books, and created an award-winning yoga based board game.

We got into a fantastic conversation about how to turn Envy into Inspiration, what it means to tap into your heart’s innate guidance (and explored a practice to help make that happen!), and the three things you need to enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful, and energized life.  We also explored the challenges as well as the possibilities of enlightened living to be found in relationships, the power of Agape, and the wisdom to be found in the Coyote Medicine of our modern times.

You can learn more about Nico and what she’s all about at: uptheoryla.com and nicolerijelle.com


It was another fantastic conversation with an amazing human being.

We hope you enjoy!

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Episode 5 – The Indispensable Skill of Holding Space

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In this episode I sit down once more with my wife Lauren to dive into the indispensable skill of compassionate listening or holding space. We look at it in context of a close relationship, how it works on the job, and how important it is when in a discussion with someone you disagree with. Please join us and enjoy this truly fantastic conversation around an all-important skill that could really benefit our, society. Enjoy!

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Episode 4 – Chris Finn & His Journey to Walk Again

Video Coming Soon!In this episode I speak with Chris Finn who has been a quadriplegic since 1992. Chris is determined to not only walk again, but do so with a healthy, strong, and balanced body; and he’s taking you along for the ride.

We spoke about god’s plan and how to roll with things when your plans go awry. “Love In Action.” We looked at the tricky ways the universe helps to manifest, and the power of visualization for yourself as well as others. We also took a look at presence, and the difference between pain and suffering.

The conversation had me thinking for days, and taking a new perspective of my own life. . .

You can join Chris on his Facebook Group, ‘You Are Able – Chris Finn’s Journey to Walk Again.’

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Peace – You matter

**In the episode when I wrongly defined the term bodhisattva as one who puts off their own enlightenment for the sake of helping others.

In actuality, “… a Bodhisattva attempts to achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible in order to be of greater benefit to the (other) living beings.”  Taken from the book, Training the Mind in the Great Way by Gyalwa Gendun Druppa, the first Dalai Lama

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Episode 3 – Tatum Cohen

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I sit down with Tatum Cohen, who is a ‘radical self love coach,’ speaker, youTuber, claire-sentient, and emerging medium.  We discussed a lot, from what is radical self love to the spiral nature of healing, and the importance of focused intention.  We also talked about getting out of your own way, noticing the gut feelings vs. the constant, gentle nudges of the universe, and a 3rd Eye opening experience.  Lastly we talked about recognizing when it’s time for a personal shift.  We hope you enjoy!

You can find out more about what Tatum does at UniquelyTatum.com

Below is Tatum’s Success Worksheet as discussed in the episode for you to download:

Meditate on it, fill it out, the contact Tatum to get down to the nitty-gritty of YOUR success!  🙂

We’re grateful you’re here.

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Episode 2 – Yes! Neon Signs & Banner Phrases

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YES! Neon Signs and Banner Phrases

In Episode 2 of MATRcast I sit down for the first of many conversations with my wife, Lauren.  It’s a bit of an introduction to who we are, but we get around to talking about what it looks like to be a ‘Yes!’ person, the many ways of the neon sign – how timing and presence can help guide life, and the potential trappings as well as the power of empowerment that hides in our everyday banner phrases.

You can learn more at youMATR.com

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Episode 1 – Lizzie Rose

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A conversation with healer, children’s author, and business owner, Lizzie Rose. We discussed: the importance of self care, prayer, the power of devotion and the open door of Kirtan.  As well as the art of balancing the masculine and feminine, parenting, and how to ‘hold space’ in a relationship.

You can check out what Lizzie does at MagicIsReal.org and TheHealingDenSM.com.

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